Better Outcomes for Cancer Patients


Funding further education to advance skills and techniques in cancer treatment

Crestani Scholarships was founded by Yvonne Crestani in memory of her husband Chris, who was the Chief Radiotherapist at St Vincent’s hospital, who unfortunately died of cancer himself. The aim of Crestani Scholarships is to raise funds for higher education for medical personnel in order to achieve better outcomes for cancer patients.

Medical personnel such as radiotherapists, physicists and nurses are given the opportunity for higher education and research study by way of scholarships here in Australia and overseas.


A great example of how the scholarships can achieve better outcomes for patients is that one scholarship was awarded to study a technique that resulted in the team at the Central Coast Cancer Centre at Gosford Hospital being able to reduce the number of radiation treatments for patients from 30 to just two or three.

Crestani Scholarships is headed by Yvonne Crestani and a group of volunteers who conduct various fund-raising activities during the year.


We are also looking for donations from the corporate sector to help continue the work as we look to expand our scholarships program to achieve the goal of better outcomes for cancer patients.

Donations are fully Tax Deductible.


Current total of funds raised exceeds $200,000!


Yvonne Crestani can be contacted on 

0416 241 110 and